Coming from a Catholic family, I never doubted Jesus’ existence. But I’ve always believed that I was never good enough for Him.

When I graduated from high school, similar to many others, I was lost on what to do with my future. And as time passed by, anxiety welcomed itself into my life. At first, I thought that it was a normal occurring to be so anxious nearly most of the time, since everyone worries about their future, so I just ignored it and relied on positive quotes online to get me through. But it was always temporary as my anxiety never really went away.

School was a dramatic experience haha.

It was around this time that I was invited to Lifehouse Hong Kong by a friend! I immediately decided to plant myself at church. 

At church, I learnt how to journal (read the Word and reflect on what God is saying) from going to Lifegroup. I decided to reach out to Jesus and did my best remembering bible verses of His promise for us and how He will never forsake us. Because of this I got through a very tough situation as I felt His peace wash over me and realised I don’t need to be perfect! 

Lifehouse Church is full of amazing people!

A few weeks later, I was suggested a job that was related to the course I was studying – something that I’ve been praying about for the longest time. And my anxiety slowly started to disappear.

Jesus has filled the largest hole in my life! Before all this, I just accepted that my future was already going in the wrong path and I had no choice but to wander aimlessly along it. How wrong I was! I would never have been to where I am today, and gone through the tough times, had it not been for Jesus.

Stronger with Jesus!

So if you are going through something similar – or even going through something much more worse – seek Jesus! You may not get healed right away, and that’s okay, it took quite a while for me too, but you will get there. And once you are there, it won’t always be sunshine and rainbows – the storm that haunts us will come back again. But that too will dissipate, as all other times, because I believe that we go through those situations for us to grow in faith and hold on to hope for Jesus.

I am stronger now because of Jesus, and I learned to enjoy the present and not think so negatively about the future, and dismiss the thought that it will be a nightmare. So I want to encourage you to open up your heart to Jesus! He will move in so many unexpected ways for you to see, and not get lost, in the path He has made for you. He is so much more than what we can imagine!