Christmas was so much fun at church this year. So many people felt the love and joy from Jesus! More than 100 new friends came and joined one of our 5 Christmas services, and 20 made decisions to invite Jesus into their life!


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This year our creative team put on a short Christmas comedy production. It was hilarious! The story was about a rich (and very greedy!) jewellery shop owner, called Mr Chan who thought that Christmas was all about making money.



Chan Tai Fook!


He worked his staff to the bone and wouldn’t give them any time off to be with family and friends over Christmas!


No time off when there is money to be made!


He would do anything to get a sale and only cared about the money he could make out of Christmas.


“This ring will make you look slimmer!”


But after he lost all his jewellery in an armed robbery, he spiralled into a dark depression. This would be the worst Christmas of his life!


Getting robbed by Santa and Rudolph…


Luckily for him, two of his most loyal employees were Christians! They knew the true meaning of Christmas wasn’t about money, but about hope in Jesus! They invited him to their church, Lifehouse Hong Kong, for the Christmas eve service.


An emotional Mr Chan gets invited to church


It was there that he heard about the message of Jesus, and how he had come to give the world hope. He saw all the joyful people who loved Jesus at church. It gave the rich store owner hope too!


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With a new joy in his heart, he quickly invited Jesus into his life. He finally understood the joy of Christmas! It was JESUS! He was so happy he came to church.




It was a great Christmas week at Lifehouse Church. Thank you to all who volunteered to make Christmas special in one of our church services. We pray you will be blessed this Christmas and New Year season! Love Lifehouse Hong Kong.